Monday, 7 December 2015

Technolagy fair (See a need fill a need)

This term room 9's topic was see- a- need- fill- a- need my group thought about the school bins, we thought that we might need a change because they were disgusting and  broken. We did some research on the internet and added up the prices of the bins.
We made a poster about the bins and our ideas. We sent letters to the P.T.A and they are going to help with the idea.
                                                   The poster was made by
                        Marnie, Martine, Jay and Liam


Thursday, 24 September 2015


My speech was on,
Is Sugar the New Evil in our Diet?

Sugar is the new evil in our diets. In the past people used to eat a simple diet of meat, fruit, veges and grains but this generation is making themselves sick or killing themselves on sugar. Sugar is not good for our health, it can make us really sick. Sugar can be addictive and its possibly more addictive than cocaine. sugar is also found in most of the foods we eat.

I can tell you now that sugar is the new evil in our diet. You should see my brothers when they've had sugar.

Sugar is not good forour health. did you know that if eat to much sugar you can get very sick and suffer from illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and much much more. Added sugar contains no essential nutrients for our bodies. Its bad for your teeth, can cause bad breath and can also make you fat.

sugar is found in most foods but mainly processed foods such as cereals, breads, lollies, drinks and much more. Sugar is made up of two simple sugars, glucose and fructose. Glucose is found in every living cell on the planet. It's vital to life. Fructose is the bad sugar found in the foods I've just mentioned. It also found in fruit and vegetables. Our bodies do not need unnatural processed sugars which is found in most of our foods today. when people eat a diet that is high in sugar, it's also high in calories. The liver gets overloaded and turns the sugar into fat.

Sugar is addictive and the more sugar you eat the more sugary food you crave. Sugar releases dopamine in the 'reward' part of your brain, which means it becomes very addictive and then you need to have more and more each day. This can lead you down a path of eating large amounts of sugar daily, which makes your liver become fatty and prone to diseases.

Many people argue that fat is more harmful than sugar, But unlike fat and protein , added sugar has no nutritional value. Our bodies do not require it.

In conclusion, you've all heard that sugar is the knew evil in our diet as it's found in most of the foods we eat, its highly addictive and causes many health problems. So I hope I've encouraged you today, that if you want to stay healthy, think before you put that sugary treat in your mouth.





My big achievement in the production was learning where to go and learn the dance. over all it was really fun. I was the mighty lion.



           We learnt how to be safe on the internet.

Camp Mt Maunganui

At Waimarino Water Park, it was awesome... but also freezing. There were so many things to do there. I want to go again