Wednesday, 23 November 2016

MiCamp Taupo

Haiku of Year 7 Camp

Tuesday was wet as
The water slide was rocky
I got lots of scars

I did B M X
Troy went in an ambulance
Cause he crashed his bike

Aerial view of Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs x 400.jpgWe went to debrett's
The big pools were very hot
Debrett's is da bomb

We packed up to leave
We went to the park for lunch
We came home hurray!

Liam. M

Cover Letter

  Liam Mcpherson  
123 Address St
Anytown, ST 12345
645 7380
19 October, 2016

RE:  Application for Subway
Te Awamutu 3845
91 brunch st

Dear Mr. Bob
As a young bright kid I would love to apply for a job at Subway.
As a school student I have been involved with many leadership opportunities such as deputy, house captain and PAL (Physical Activity Leader)

Liam. M